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How does the wicca love spell work?

Wicca, a modern pagan, nature-based spiritual practice, has a deep and rich tradition of incorporating spells into its rituals. Among the many types of spells that Wiccans practice, love spells hold a special place. These spells are designed to draw love, enhance existing relationships, or bring forth the energy of romance into one's life. In this article, we will delve into the intricacies of Wiccan love spells, exploring their principles, methods, and the underlying belief system that guides them. I also recommend reading

The Wiccan Belief System

Before delving into the mechanics of Wiccan love spells, it's crucial to understand the foundational beliefs of Wicca. Wiccans follow a diverse set of beliefs, but some common principles include:

  1. Nature Reverence: Wiccans deeply respect and revere nature. They see divinity in the natural world, including plants, animals, and the elements.

  2. Polytheism: Wicca often involves the worship or acknowledgment of multiple deities, with some traditions focusing on specific gods and goddesses.

  3. The Law of Threefold Return: Many Wiccans adhere to the principle of the Threefold Law, which posits that the energy one puts into the world, whether through actions or spells, will return to them threefold. This concept emphasizes the importance of responsible and ethical magic.

  4. Sacred Space and Ritual: Rituals and ceremonies are central to Wiccan practice. Wiccans create sacred spaces and use ritual tools, such as athames (ritual knives), wands, and chalices, to work their magic.

  5. The Wiccan Rede: The Wiccan Rede, a widely recognized moral guideline, states, "An it harm none, do what ye will." This encourages practitioners to act in ways that do not harm others.

Understanding Love in Wicca

In Wicca, love is a complex and multifaceted concept. It encompasses more than romantic love; it includes love for oneself, for others, and for the divine. Wiccans believe that love, in all its forms, is a powerful force that can bring healing, harmony, and positive change to one's life.

Love spells in Wicca are not just about attracting a romantic partner; they can also focus on self-love, self-acceptance, and nurturing existing relationships. The intention behind the spell is of utmost importance, and the energy of love is seen as a positive and life-affirming force.

Wiccan Love Spell Components

Wiccan love spells often incorporate various components to amplify their intention and energy. Here are some common elements you might find in a Wiccan love spell:

  1. Candles: Candles are a fundamental tool in Wiccan spells. Different candle colors are used to represent specific intentions. In love spells, pink or red candles are commonly employed to symbolize love, passion, and romance.

  2. Crystals and Gemstones: Crystals like rose quartz, amethyst, and moonstone are believed to carry the energy of love and are often used to enhance the spell's power.

  3. Herbs and Plants: Herbs such as rose petals, lavender, and jasmine are associated with love and are used in various forms, including as incense, oils, or in sachets.

  4. Symbols and Sigils: Symbols and sigils, which may be drawn or inscribed, are used to represent intentions and desires. These symbols can be personal or derived from traditional magical systems.

  5. Incense: Incense is commonly used in Wiccan rituals and spells to purify the space and enhance the atmosphere.

  6. Chants and Invocations: Wiccans often recite chants, invocations, or spells written specifically for their intentions. These words carry their energy and intent into the universe.

  7. Moon Phases: The phases of the moon are considered influential in Wiccan magic. For love spells, the waxing moon (when it is increasing in size) is often favored for drawing love and attraction.

The Process of Casting a Wiccan Love Spell

Here's a step-by-step guide to casting a Wiccan love spell:

  1. Set Your Intentions: Clearly define your intention for the spell. Are you looking to attract love, enhance an existing relationship, or focus on self-love and acceptance?

  2. Create Sacred Space: Find a quiet and undisturbed space where you can perform your spell. Purify the space by smudging with sage or other cleansing methods.

  3. Choose Your Tools: Select the tools and materials you will use for your spell, such as candles, crystals, herbs, and symbols. Ensure they align with your intention.

  4. Cast a Circle: Many Wiccans cast a circle as a sacred and protected space for their ritual. This can be done by physically walking the circle's perimeter or visualizing its boundaries.

  5. Light the Candles and Incense: Light the candles and incense, infusing them with your intention for love. Focus your energy on your desired outcome.

  6. Recite Chants or Invocations: Speak words of power, chants, or invocations that reflect your intention. Visualize the energy of love flowing into your life.

  7. Meditate and Focus: Enter a meditative state, focusing on the feelings of love, desire, and attraction. Allow these emotions to permeate your being.

  8. Visualize Your Desired Outcome: Picture your intention coming to fruition. Imagine the love you seek manifesting in your life.

  9. Release Your Energy: When you feel that your energy and intention have been sufficiently raised, release them into the universe. This can be done by blowing out the candles, speaking your intention aloud, or performing a symbolic act.

  10. Close the Circle: Thank any deities or spirits you may have invoked and close the sacred circle. Ground yourself by connecting with the earth's energy.

Ethical Considerations

Wicca places a strong emphasis on ethical practice and adhering to the Wiccan Rede, which advocates harmlessness. Here are some ethical considerations when performing Wiccan love spells:

  1. Consent: Ensure that all individuals involved, directly or indirectly, have given their consent or are not harmed by the spell's effects.

  2. Respect for Free Will: Do not attempt to manipulate or control someone's free will or emotions through magic.

  3. Positive Intentions: Maintain pure and positive intentions for your love spells, focusing on love, harmony, and well-being.

  4. Responsibility: Take personal responsibility for the consequences of your spells, understanding that they may unfold in unexpected ways.


Wiccan love spells are deeply rooted in the belief that love is a powerful and positive force that can bring healing and joy into our lives. When performed with respect for nature, ethical considerations, and pure intentions, these spells can be a means of manifesting love, nurturing relationships, and fostering self-love and acceptance. However, it is essential to approach them with a deep understanding of the Wiccan belief system and a strong commitment to ethical practice, ensuring that the magic of love remains a force for good in the world.

Friday, September 1, 2023

Healing codes - a prescription for your problem at your fingertips

 How is it possible that performing simple procedures, or rather gestures, can become a "cure for all evil"? Relieve a problem, improve a health or financial situation? Help to recover from an incurable illness?

It may sound eccentric and even unbelievable, but such a solution has been found. What is it? Simply put, it is about harmonising our body's energy levels. We do this by mentally, mentally, spiritually connecting with the Divine Source (the Energy of the universe). The method itself is not meant to induce a change in worldview. It is also good to consider it as something that supports us, but does not completely replace the well-known methods of conventional medicine. Nevertheless, it is a method that is gentle and non-invasive enough that it can certainly be tried. The feedback from people, the first of whom wrote it down and used it on family and patients, and the second of whom also started using it with virtually no chance of rescue from conventional medicine, is more than enthusiastic. Even a few days' application of the healing codes is supposed to result in a perceptible improvement in well-being and, more long-term, in an improvement in the situation that is the source of our greatest worries and concerns.

And here is a story of healing codes:

A young couple began to struggle with their wife's severe, incurable depression shortly after their marriage. Years passed, a child came along, and the situation didn't quite improve, it seemed to get steadily worse. The husband, a doctor by training, sought to save his wife by completing two doctorates and countless courses on alternative methods of inner development. After twelve years of not entirely successful searching, when he seemed to have reached the end of his possibilities, Alexander Loyd received a direct answer to his search and prayers. He claims that the solution was dictated to him internally during an aeroplane flight. This method was precisely the gestures, known as healing codes, combined with a request to solve a specific problem and imagining ourselves in a new positive situation that would follow after our difficulties had subsided. This imagining of specific situations combined with the good feelings accompanying them is a technique called visualisation.

The simple ritual, repeated several times a day, is said to be helpful in neutralising stress, recognised by an increasing number of doctors as the main cause of many of our illnesses, including chronic, or chronic ones. The process of restoring our equilibrium at the level of body and spirit can take place gradually. In order to achieve inner peace, we will go through several stages of inner quieting. This is to be achieved through a twelve-day programme of meditation, prayer combined with the performance of healing gestures for two minutes each (or longer) three times a day. Dr Loyd's aforementioned wife, Tracey, was cured of her debilitating depression after a period of time. Ben Johnson (co-author of the book The Healing Code) was cured of a very rare disease that was to kill him within a short time of his medical diagnosis.

When we choose to fill our insides with good energy and positive vibrations, it is possible that we will feel an improvement very quickly, just a few days after starting, but this is not necessarily the case. Sometimes there is a periodic slight drop in form, but this will be short-lived and usually precedes the improvement, so you really shouldn't be discouraged by this. Mostly, noticeable results will come after about a month and a half of using the healing codes.
The purveyor of the method, Dr Loyd claims to have received confirmation from patients of being cured using healing codes for a variety of serious illnesses at an advanced stage, including diabetes or Parkinson's disease. People who use the technique often report that various psychosomatic complaints have subsided or that their mood has decisively improved, they are happier and have significantly more vital energy.
In general, it is a good idea to go through an introductory programme of less than two weeks and then move on to what we ultimately want to fix in our lives. According to the programme, on the first day we will deal with the issue of forgiveness: we will ask for the healing of any present or past issues that have caused us unpleasant feelings, and the memories of these experiences have accumulated invisibly in our body. The prayer of day one reads:

"I pray that all known and unknown negative images, unhealthy
beliefs, destructive cellular memories and all problems
physical and emotional problems associated with ... are recognised,
revealed and healed by filling me with the light, life and love of God.
I also pray that the effectiveness of this healing will increase a hundredfold or more."

The fingers are then folded so that the fingertips touch each other and both palms are directed in turn towards the jaw, temple, nose, temple again, larynx and temple again. The whole process should last about three minutes.
The following days are dedicated to healing with good energy the following areas of your life. These will be, respectively, areas concerning: inappropriate actions, harmful inner beliefs, love of self and others, (too low) self-esteem, feeling happy and fulfilled in life or, on the contrary, signs of depression, combating negative emotions and the tendency to worry, developing or strengthening patience, kindness, trust, humility and self-discipline.

After completing the aforementioned programme, we can focus on the problem that bothers us most in a given stage of life and, through these two to three sessions of inner tranquillity a day, each day we can ask for the solution or removal of the difficulties that trouble us, while recharging ourselves with good energy. Such séances will help to remove from our body and mind many negative images and memories that have "installed themselves" uninvited and weaken the body's defences, thus making us more susceptible to illness, from chronic infections to really serious diseases. According to some doctors, it is precisely - in working on balancing the energy in the patient's body - that the future of medicine lies. A variation of this, called energy medicine, is slowly gaining popularity, but is still an almost completely unknown phenomenon in Poland.

Many discoveries in the field of quantum physics seem to confirm the assumption that prolonged exposure to negative emotions (which are "technically" a form of energy) destroys the cells of our body. Besides, as in the proverbs "misfortunes walk in pairs" and "the force of evil upon one", an organism weakened by physiological stress and constant worry will more easily capitulate in the face of illness. Healing codes - a 'shot' of energy from a good Source - can help us to maintain our serenity, our positive attitude towards ourselves and life in general, increase our assertiveness and our resistance to stressful situations. In this way, we will treat ourselves to a spiritual vaccine with a prolonged effect, which will also cover our body, affecting almost all areas of our life. This could be the best 'invested' few minutes or so of our precious time each day.

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The magic of colour and mood

 Each of us is a unique human specimen. A being with a particular personality, having one temperament, taste, musical, culinary and other preferences. We may also feel a certain fondness for particular colours, without even knowing why. We just like them, that's all. It may be that particular colours particularly resonate with our personality. The explanation for this is that the colours have a certain level of energetic vibration, which can particularly harmonise with the energetic vibrations that we ourselves send out to other people and the environment in general. Similarly, by choosing to wear a piece of clothing in a particular colour, we can show what is in our soul. As well as effectively influence our mood, unless we happen to be in top form that day.

Let's start with one of the noblest of colours, white. It is the colour of elegance, symbolising class as well as aspiration to higher social strata. In Christianity, it is a symbol of innocence, purity and the start of a new phase in life. It can also indicate openness to new experiences.

Red is often the favourite colour of people with an extrovert personality, with a fiery temperament, including sexuality. The colour of love, passion, lust, aggression. Red has a strong stimulating effect, which is why it is often found as a design element in restaurants and pleasure centres. Red as an item of clothing is meant to make someone appear more feisty.

Orange is also a stimulating colour, although less so than red. Orange has antidepressant properties and is therefore recommended as a remedy for states of chronic fatigue, overwork, job burnout and depression. As an addition in wardrobe or interior design, the colour orange is said to symbolise an optimistic attitude towards oneself and life in general.

Yellow - the colour of sunshine, joy and optimism. It has a stimulating effect and encourages action. It is often chosen by people with a lot of creativity and a desire for creative fulfilment. It is often chosen by so-called social souls craving attention and the presence of other people. On the negative side, a tendency to surround oneself with yellow may suggest nervousness, alienation and jealousy.

The colour gold is chosen by those wishing to affirm their (often high) material and social status. Associated with wealth, power and might, in everyday life gold can signify a (sometimes desperate) attempt to draw attention to oneself.

Green is chosen by those seeking inner harmony, wishing to live in harmony with themselves and the world around them. Green symbolises life, vitality, the forces of nature. It is not without reason that environmentalists are colloquially referred to as green. Green is chosen by sensitive people with an unobtrusive, calm and introverted character. It is also sometimes the case that a love of green may indicate a predisposition to neuroticism.

Elements of blue in clothing or surroundings indicate that the person who has chosen this colour is creative and unconventional, has an artistic predisposition or is even an artist (and not always and not everywhere can give expression to this). They often express themselves through an unconventional choice of colours, accessories. They may be the type of sensitive idealist, a dreamer. Sometimes their artistic activities are a kind of escape from themselves, but not from themselves, but from loneliness.

The colour navy blue helps to maintain inner rigour, discipline emphasises the responsibility, neatness and reliability of the person who wears it. But it can also be the case that someone wears navy blue as if "to spare" or, in other words, "over the top", wishing to develop the qualities that the colour symbolises.

Pink is perhaps indicative of a hidden longing for the safe, magical world of childhood, romantic elation and the search for a sense of security. A sharper pink, which is more candy-like, can betray a love of things tasteful otherwise, or simply kitsch.

The colour filet - symbolises a move away from material matters and a turning of attention to spiritual matters. On an esoteric level, it symbolises contact with the inner, third eye, clairvoyant abilities and parapsychological predispositions.

As an intermediate colour between black and white, grey is often chosen by those seeking inner harmony.

The colour brown - is chosen by people full of inner inhibitions, perhaps complexes. This colour means that they are looking for stability and a sense of security.

Silver colour - stands for chivalrous character, sensitivity, nobility. It is liked by people who are extremely sensitive, sensitive to various signals invisible to others, spiritual, emotional, expecting support. High sensitivity and emotionality can make them push away, alienate (which does not serve them at all).

The colour black - on the one hand is a symbol of elegance, on the other, it is sometimes associated with the dark side of human nature, negative experiences.

Wednesday, August 2, 2023

Charming endings - about magical ways to break up

 Love is beautiful and wonderful, but unfortunately it is not always eternal. Even the most passionate feeling can burn out. If it ends on both sides it is not a problem, people part ways keeping the memory in their hearts of a fiery passion or a sincere relationship. Even if love turns into hatred it is not a problem, because ex-lovers simply throw themselves into each other's arms to get oblivion. The problem, however, is when two people are driven by completely different feelings, when love is extinguished on one side only. When we love someone we give them our heart, and with a painful break-up we find that we are condemned to a life without a heart, and although this is only a metaphor the pain and suffering of the abandoned lover is as real as it gets.

The relationship between two people is a fusion of their energies, even if one person falls out of love, the other continues to be stuck in an emotional relationship. An energetic imbalance occurs. One person takes their energy away, but the other person who is not ready to separate does not do so - so they condemn themselves to an energetic deficit. Help in such a situation can be sought in magic. Of course, it is not essential, because people who do not believe in or rely on magic also regain peace of mind after a while, but it undoubtedly takes much longer. Every person deals with a broken heart differently. One can lie in bed and cry, and one can throw oneself into the arms of ever more fleeting lovers. Often, however, this leads to committing foolishness, because our view of things is clouded. It is safer, therefore, to use magic - not to keep your partner with you by force, but to let him or her go and yourself regain harmony and the possibility of falling in love again.

The obvious thing to do is to get rid of all objects that are associated with the former partner. Leaving yourself mementos will never be a good decision. If for some reason your partner hasn't taken all their belongings with them, for example clothes or photos, let's not worry but simply throw them away. The space you are in plays a huge part in the magic, so do not let it distract you or arouse bad emotions, especially if they are related to the person who hurt you and for whom you want to perform the ritual. Both a redecorating according to feng shui principles and a cleansing ritual will be helpful. We need to prepare sage or a mixture of various herbs, which by burning will remove the bad energy from our home. However, as with any ritual, the most important part is our action. We sit comfortably in the middle of the room, free our mind of all thoughts and begin to meditate. Once we have reached the right calm we begin to imagine a white luminous ball. In our mind we make the sphere as white as possible, as if by cleansing it we are getting rid of all the stains from our lives. Then slowly in our imagination we change the colour of the sphere to green.

When the process is complete, together with the burning herbs, we go round our home in an anti-clockwise direction. We have to go carefully around the whole house, slowly and carefully so that the bad energy drains out of every nook and cranny. The rituals must not be rushed. When we have done this, we extinguish the herbs and light an incense stick or warm an oil with the scent of lavender or ylang ylang and go round the house again, but in the opposite direction. This time our action is aimed at restoring positive energy. The right effect, however, will be when we do not limit ourselves to mechanical exhumation, but work with our mind together with this activity. We need to imagine the harmony that will fill our surroundings once the ritual has been finalised.

In rituals related to the desire to distance someone or something from us, we use the black candle, because it has this effect in itself. The simplest ritual is to cut that energetic bond that further connects us to the person who has left us. Unfortunately, this ritual is only simple in theory, as it requires a great deal of concentration and willpower - we have to clear our mind, meditate for a long time and then finally imagine this connecting thread and cut it. It is important, however, that we are really concentrated and that we properly visualise this action. Sometimes it will be necessary to repeat this ritual several times, or even more physically cut the bond. Instead of just imagining the act of cutting itself, we can cut it in the air with a pendulum or a rock crystal. The attributes must, of course, be washed with cold water afterwards so that they do not take on negative energy.

Therapist Colin Tipping suggests another way of dealing with a break-up, namely Radical Forgiveness. This is based on the idea that we will only be able to forget when we get rid of the negative emotions. So it is not enough to cut ties with a particular person if anger or regret remains in us, paralysing us from opening up to the future. We need to look at the hurt that has happened to us from a much broader perspective. There is a meaning to everything, maybe we will meet someone who will be the love of our life, which would never have happened if we were stuck further in a previous relationship. Every suffering is also a lesson that will enrich us forever, and according to karmic law, after suffering will come happiness. So there is no need to wallow in excessive grief, just accept that life is made up of both ups and downs.

Some people to get rid of their negative emotions shout, cry or throw things - it actually has a very good effect. We throw away what makes us angry in a short space of time and regain our composure after a while. A more subtle but equally effective way is to draw a mandala. A mandala is a symbol that is a combination of a circle - the transcendental, spiritual - and a square - the earthly, corporeal. The very act of creating a mandala in Tantric Buddhism replaces meditation. When creating a mandala, our consciousness comes to the fore and we should do it mechanically, not consciously choosing colours or a pattern, but allowing our emotions and thoughts to be reflected in the mandala. With each successive pattern, they will become calmer, and so will our emotions. However, we must not forget that creating a mandala is only half of the meditation - the destruction of the mandala is the other half. We burn the card with our symbol on it, so that everything bad goes away with the smoke. If you don't feel up to creating a mandala, you can simply write your emotions on a piece of paper and then burn it, in the same way you would do with a mandala. The effect will be similar, although weaker, so you will have to repeat the ritual more times.

It is also good to perform a ritual to console our broken heart, so not only cutting ties with our ex-partner, but fully restoring peace of mind. In this ritual there will also be a cutting of symbolic ties, but the main reason for performing it will be to regain harmony, so we will not use a black candle, but a blue and a pink one. The pink one is to open us the chance of a new love, and the blue one - symbolising contact with the beyond - will give us the support of good spirits in this ritual. We write the name of the person who hurt us on the candles, tie the candles with a green ribbon, light them and begin to meditate. Out loud we say goodbye to our partner and cut the ribbon. We meditate until the candles are all burned out, and then we bury their remains.

Each of these rituals is meant to give us peace and a chance to improve our lot. Probably the first emotion that will accompany us during the parting will be anger, but we must not give in to it. Trying to use spells against a person can turn against us, so it is better to use those rituals that will restore our inner harmony and bring us the reward of new love. In difficult situations, you can also always go to a specialist for help, in which case the effect of the rituals will be stronger and you will get the desired result much faster.

Thursday, July 13, 2023

How to interpret a dream?

 Very often on various online forums, people describe their dreams asking for an interpretation. Then there are usually "experts" , who have learned particular meanings from websites, and interpret a particular vision.

Unfortunately, this is completely worthless. Just like all the other online tests, such as "check what you are afraid of", "what life situation you are in", etc., it is worthless.

Why is it worthless? Well, each person associates a particular thing with something different. That is what is beautiful about this world, that we are so diverse.  For example, read for yourself the interpretation of dreams about spiders.

Here is one of them: "A dream about a spider signifies a sense of entrapment, a lack of perspective; a tragic situation. Spiders are also synonymous with female power or a domineering mother influencing your life."
And indeed, this interpretation did not come from nowhere. It will suit more than half of people. However, there will be a significant number of people for whom this interpretation will not fit at all. Most of us have bad associations with spiders. We do not like these animals; they disgust us. However, most are not all. After all, there are spider breeders who make a living from selling them. Since there are breeders, there are also those who buy these spiders. They also love these animals. They have a positive association with them. For a breeder, a dream of 20 large spiders will mean money. For someone who loves these animals - something nice, a likely happy event. For a person with arachnophobia, hidden fears that make life difficult and come to the surface. Already with this simple example, we can see that dreams should only be interpreted in relation to the person in question. Analysing a dream when one knows nothing about someone is meaningless. In order to read a dream correctly, the dreamer has to tell us about his or her fears, desires, sometimes about childhood situations that have left a mark on him or her. What's more, sometimes even this, may not be enough for us to interpret it correctly, because many events are not remembered, while our subconscious still stores them.

In conclusion, the person interpreting the dream must have empathy. After giving her information about herself, she must empathise with the person who had the dream. Only then can the right meaning be selected. Of course, the one having the vision also has to give all the information the interpreter asks for. Otherwise there is no point in cooperation. Giving the wrong information results in a warped analysis of the dream.

Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Using a pink candle in a love binding spell

In the realm of magic and spellwork, candles are often utilized as potent tools to channel intention, focus energy, and manifest desires. When it comes to matters of the heart, one color that frequently takes center stage is pink. Pink candles are closely associated with love, affection, and tenderness. In this article, we'll explore the captivating world of using pink candles in love binding spells, examining their symbolism, steps, and the profound connection between color and emotion. Read more in the article

The Symbolism of Pink

Pink is a color that embodies a range of emotions and qualities, making it the perfect choice for love binding spells. Here's a glimpse into the symbolism of pink candles:

  1. Love and Romance: Pink is universally recognized as a color of love and romance. It represents the gentle, affectionate, and nurturing aspects of love, making it an ideal choice for spells focused on fostering romantic connections.

  2. Affection and Tenderness: Pink also symbolizes affection, tenderness, and compassion. It reflects the softer, more caring aspects of love that go beyond passion and desire.

  3. Harmony and Balance: Pink embodies harmony and balance in relationships. It is a color that seeks to restore peace and understanding, making it valuable in love binding spells aimed at strengthening and harmonizing connections.

  4. Healing and Emotional Wellness: Pink is often associated with emotional healing and well-being. It can be used in spells to mend broken hearts, soothe emotional wounds, and promote self-love.

The Steps for a Love Binding Spell with a Pink Candle

Performing a love binding spell with a pink candle involves a series of carefully crafted steps designed to harness the energy of love and strengthen the emotional bond between two individuals. Here is a step-by-step guide:

  1. Set Your Intentions: Before beginning the spell, take some time to clarify your intentions. What do you hope to achieve with this love binding spell? Are you seeking to deepen an existing connection or attract a new love into your life? Be clear and specific about your desires.

  2. Choose the Right Pink Candle: Select a pink candle that resonates with your intentions. Pink candles come in various shades, from soft pastels to vibrant magentas. Choose the shade that best aligns with your specific goals for the spell.

  3. Prepare Your Sacred Space: Find a quiet and undisturbed space where you can perform the spell. Cleanse the area with incense, sage, or a preferred method of purification to create a sacred and energetically clean atmosphere.

  4. Dress and Anoint the Candle: Dress the pink candle with a love-drawing oil or anoint it with a few drops of rose essential oil. As you do this, focus on your intentions and visualize the love you seek to bind or attract.

  5. Carve Symbols and Names: Using a sharp object like a pin or a special carving tool, carve the names or initials of the individuals involved in the spell onto the candle. You can also inscribe symbols or words that represent love and connection.

  6. Light the Pink Candle: As you light the candle, speak your intentions aloud. Express your desires for love, affection, and connection. Visualize the energy of love radiating from the candle's flame and enveloping you and your desired partner.

  7. Meditate and Focus: Sit quietly in meditation, keeping your attention on the pink candle's flame. Allow the energy of love to flow through you and between you and the other person involved in the spell. Feel the emotional connection growing stronger.

  8. Affirmations and Chants: Speak words of affirmation or chants that reinforce your intentions. These can be personal affirmations or traditional love spells verses. The key is to infuse your energy and desire into your words.

  9. Close the Spell: When you feel that your intentions have been clearly expressed and the emotional connection has been strengthened, snuff out the candle (do not blow it out). Thank the universe or any deities or spirits you may have invoked for their assistance.

  10. Trust the Process: Love binding spells may take time to manifest fully. Trust in the process and remain open to the flow of love in your life. Continue to nurture and care for your relationship, allowing it to grow naturally.

Ethical Considerations

It is crucial to approach love binding spells with a strong ethical framework and a deep respect for the free will and autonomy of all parties involved. Here are some ethical considerations:

  1. Consent: Ensure that all individuals affected by the spell are willing participants. Never use love binding spells to manipulate or control someone against their will.

  2. Respect Boundaries: Respect personal boundaries and emotional consent within the relationship. Avoid crossing boundaries or forcing an unnatural level of closeness.

  3. Pure Intentions: Your intentions should be pure, focusing on fostering love, harmony, and well-being in the relationship. Avoid using love spells for harmful or selfish purposes.

  4. Karmic Consequences: Many practitioners believe in the law of karma or the Threefold Law, which suggests that the energy you put into a spell will return to you threefold. Approach love binding spells with care and responsibility to avoid negative consequences.


The use of pink candles in love binding spells is a beautiful and emotionally charged practice that taps into the deep symbolism of love, affection, and tenderness. When performed with pure intentions and a strong ethical foundation, these spells can be a powerful tool for enhancing and deepening romantic connections. However, it is essential to remember that love should always be nurtured and respected, and love binding spells should never be used to manipulate or control the feelings of others. Approach these spells with love, respect, and responsibility, and they can help bring more love and happiness into your life.

Heal your soul

 Nowadays, there is a cult of beauty and health - we make sure that our bodies are not plagued by any illness, healthy food and a healthy lifestyle are popularised. The development of medicine is also staggering, the human body has virtually no secrets, doctors have narrow specialisations and we can actually go to a specific specialist with any part of the body. However, the most important part of the human being is not subject to such care - namely the soul.

The soul - the immortal part that constitutes the essence of the human being, immortal but nevertheless susceptible to inconvenience and sometimes in need of healing. Psychology comes close to healing the soul, but it is not quite that - like any field of modern science, it focuses too much on physiology and facts, wanting to reduce everything to repeatable processes. Caring for the health of the soul requires much more subtlety. The soul is itself invisible, but it helps to see - to see what is hidden and seemingly invisible, but most important.

The soul cannot be healed by the drugs and remedies we know from conventional medicine, although there are of course such attempts. It is wrong to think that the soul is exactly the same as the mind or the emotions that govern us. It is not possible to heal the soul by administering sedatives or drugs for depression. Even naively believing that it is possible to create pills for all emotional states - bringing peace, forgetfulness or joy, this would still not affect the actual state of the soul.

The illnesses of the soul are mainly due to an inability to see its needs. We fulfil the cravings of the body and the superficial needs, and forget those deeply hidden within ourselves. A sick soul is one that suffers when we fail to live in harmony with ourselves, failing to follow the path of spiritual realisation, choosing instead the easier path of carnal pleasures. A path that deprives us of the sphere of the sacred in our lives, of contact with the cosmos and higher forces, reducing life to vegetation. Consolation is sought in loveless sex, in various stimulants or other addictions, destroying not only the soul but also the body. This is because a sickness of the soul affects the whole person, it is an inability to enjoy life, and even more, it is a failure to enjoy life to the full. Most people also make the mistake of seeking a solution to a problem only when they have reached rock bottom mentally, instead of taking care of their souls beforehand.

If we want to keep our soul healthy, we must start by taking an interest in it. To delve into our inner self in order to get to know what lies deep within us, what we tend to hide under everyday, superficial matters. This cognition, however, takes time, gradually learning all the joys and sorrows, the true desires and fears. Self-discovery will keep the soul healthy and this will benefit our whole life. The soul, although invisible, is responsible for our state of happiness and fulfilment. When tormented by illness, it causes ill health, problems in interpersonal relationships and a sense of emptiness.

When we truly decode our soul, we will know our reactions to any situation. This will help us to respond appropriately and, instead of falling into grief or despair, to heal quickly and regain peace. The very act of knowing these reactions is soothing and instructive. We feel more and more inner harmony and self-confidence because we feel comfortable in our own skin and proud of ourselves. Even when something bad happens, we want to cry and complain, we know what will best soothe our grief and pain. Then the tears become cleansing, we don't fall into destructive sadness, but we accept defeat so that after a while we have the energy for new action. A healthy soul is a force, a life-giving, eternal power that fills us and is just waiting for us to draw from it to the full.

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